Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Nusantara Capital City Authority (OIKN) has said that the new capital (IKN) is being developed as not only an environmentally friendly city, but also one that is friendly to humans.

"We want to make IKN not only environmentally friendly, but also friendly to ourselves (individuals). Being friendly to ourselves means we have to build ourselves to be healthier, " OIKN's deputy for environment and natural resources, Myrna Asnawati Safitri, expounded during an online discussion.

Therefore, 80 percent of mobility at IKN will prioritize comfortable public transportation and active mobility. With the use of public transportation, pollution will remain in check, and the public will also be required to walk more.

"IKN will also provide a comfortable space for residents. Comfortable here means cool and leisurely activities so that the green space is expanded, " she said.

Therefore, adequate space will be provided for city residents to carry out activities such as walking comfortably.

"We want to be a world city, and one of the discourses that is echoed at the international level is what is called a sustainable city," Safitri said.

Sustainable cities provide enough room for citizens to use environmental services. Clean air and oxygen are most needed by people. Therefore, such cities must supply clean air. Hence, their green area must be sufficient.

"At IKN, it has been determined that the green space will be 75 percent, and this is the highest number for Indonesia. If you look at cities in Indonesia, around 30 percent of the green space, " Safitri informed.

Of the total 75-percent green spaces, 65 percent will be protected areas that have now switched functions. The OIKN is also slowly reviving Kalimantan's tropical forests. Meanwhile, 25 percent of the land will be allocated for development.

"The IKN is Indonesia's 2045 ambition, 100 years after independence. The goal of IKN is to become a 'world city for all.' We design cities that satisfy important requirements, are pleasant, friendly, and make people happy. This is our dream," Safitri said.

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Translator: Aji Cakti, Yuni Arisandy
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