Sorong, Southwest Papua (ANTARA) - The National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) said on Saturday that human resource development in Papua requires the right strategy to support the acceleration of regional development.

Bappenas West Papua coordinator, Zulfakar, said that the strategy to expedite Papua's development, especially in the field of education, can not replicate programs in Java or Sumatra Islands.

"The handling is not the same as in Java or Sumatra, so we need the right strategy for Papua," he added.

Educational quality improvement in Papua needs to consider the supporting infrastructure and necessary resources before developing programs, he explained.

The necessary components that need to be paid attention to are facilities, class coverage, teaching staff, and curriculum implementation.

"We have to identify and analyze them," he said.

The right strategy is important for speeding up the development of the education sector in Papua, he added.

"For example, is it appropriate to build schools in areas with a low population density of five people per square kilometer? Is it effective and efficient? Certainly not," he explained.

He said that the government can station teachers in nearby villages and adjust the learning methods to the local conditions.

"Meaning, teachers that teach at those places must understand the local language and cultural characteristics, so it is easy to give lessons," he said.

Boarding schools also need to be built in Papua, he added.

"Regional heads in Southwest Papua are discussing the construction of these schools, and it is expected to start construction soon," he said.

He said that the active role of people, religious figures, and traditional leaders is important to boost Papua's development.

Translator: Yuvensius B, Kenzu
Editor: Anton Santoso
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