Jakarta (ANTARA) - As the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) keeps increasing, people need to develop an adaptive and innovative mindset to optimize the advanced technology, Deputy Minister of Communication and Informatics Nezar Patria stated.

"Activities in the communication sectors are highly expected to make the most of AI. For that reason, I would like to urge parties to possess an adaptive and innovative mindset," he noted in a statement received from his office in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Patria made the statement in his keynote speech during the Seminar of AI and Transformation of the World of Communication in Central Jakarta on Saturday (February 24).

In early 2024, he said, the use of AI has continued to be a hot topic of discussion in society.

Citing data from PRovoke Media released in 2023, the deputy minister underlined that at least 61 percent of the global communication workers had been taking advantage of convenience offered by generative AI to get their work done.

"I think it is only natural for the discussion on AI to continue to be spotlighted, given that the utilization of AI in the communication sector has continued to rise," he pointed out.

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He then drew attention to a popular generative AI system ChatGPT that he views as a helpful tool for finding inspiration, noting that people have been using generative AI to collect information, create digital contents and articles, and conduct media monitoring.

With a wide range of features offered, he said, AI can be highly beneficial to the industry of communication.

Patria then noted that AI can be utilized as chatbot and virtual assistant by companies to provide real-time responses to their consumers, provide personalized information to better suit audience's preferences, and improve crisis management.

However, he affirmed that the increasingly massive use of AI is not without risks.

"We also need to raise awareness of the potential of the spread of disinformation as well as breach of customers' data as a result of the massive use of AI," he stressed.

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Translator: Fathur R, Tegar Nurfitra
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