Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), on Saturday, pushed for an immediate handling of bullying cases, urging schools against covering up such cases for the sake of their reputation.

"On many occasions, we have seen bullying cases being covered up to protect schools' reputation. I believe the right thing to do is to resolve (the cases) and improve (the school system)," he remarked in Jakarta.

In his broadcast opening speech for the Congress XXIII of the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI), Jokowi expressed concern over cases of bullying, violence, and sexual abuse occurring in schools.

The president affirmed that Indonesia cannot afford to let such cases continue to befall upon its young talents, noting that schools are supposed to be safe places for children to study, ask questions, create, play, and socialize.

"We should not let any kid be afraid of going to school. Students are not supposed to be under pressure when they are in schools," he stressed.

The head of state then expected Indonesian teachers to be the spearheads in the country's journey to creating a safer and more comfortable learning ecosystem for all students.

He urged teachers to prioritize preventive measures in a bid to protect their students from bullying in the school environment.

"I want you to prioritize taking preventive acts. You should prioritize the rights of our children, especially those who fell victim to bullying cases. Resolve such cases instead of covering them up," he told the audience.

The president also reminded teachers of the importance of helping Indonesian kids develop their skills, talents, and character to produce a quality talent pool in the hopes of optimizing the upcoming demographic bonus to achieve the Golden Indonesia 2045 Vision.

Closing his remarks, Jokowi extended appreciation to the PGRI for its collaboration with the government to enhance the quality and professionalism of teachers, with the end goal of producing patriotic and competitive young generations.

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