Medan, North Sumatra (ANTARA) - The North Sumatra Provincial Government is preparing two evacuation schemes to handle accidents at the F1 Powerboat Championship in Lake Toba on March 2–3, 2024.

"The first scheme is that if an accident occurs on the racing arena, they will be taken to the Trauma Center located in Balige for stabilization and treatment. If further treatment is needed, they will be referred to the HKBP Balige Regional Hospital or Porsea Regional Hospital," the Head of the North Sumatra Health Service, Alwi Mujahit, said in Medan on Saturday (March 2).

Meanwhile, the second scheme is preparing emergency treatment from the Trauma Center to Adam Malik Hospital in Medan via the air route that has been provided.

"For the second scheme, after stabilization at the trauma center, patients will be taken by land to the Basarnas Toba Helipad at the Toba District Government office, then by helicopter from Toba to Soewondo Air Base Airport to the referred hospital," Mujahit continued.

According to him, the Trauma Center has been prepared for the international racing championship and consists of a mini ICU, an emergency kit, medicines, and a number of specialist doctors.

"The specialist doctors consist of orthopedics, general surgery, anesthesia, and medical teams from various related agencies," he noted.

During the event, his party, together with related stakeholders, also provided 19 ambulances of various types.

"We prepared 2 units of Advance ambulance, 1 unit of Advance VVIP ambulance, 1 unit of VVIP transport, 15 public medical transport ambulances, as well as 1 unit of field operations car and 1 unit of BKB X-ray car," he conveyed.

The North Sumatra Regional Police had also prepared 40 medical personnel, consisting of four medical task force teams controlled by one doctor for each team.

The medical team is located at the Balige venue, the Lumban Silitonga venue, and the trauma center. Meanwhile, another team will be mobilized to monitor personnel on duty in the field.

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