The ultimate goal of the Paitua program is to improve the welfare of the elderly and, at the same time, reduce poverty levels.
Sorong (ANTARA) - Acting Governor of Southwest Papua, Muhammad Musa'ad, reminded the regional heads of six districts and cities to register the elderly residing in their regions for the old age protection program (Paitua).

"I ask because there are still people who are in the elderly category who have not registered for the Paitua program," he said in Sorong on Tuesday.

According to him, the aim of the Paitua program is to accommodate all elderly people in Southwest Papua without exception.

"So, it is an obligation for every regional head to immediately register those who have not yet entered the program," he said.

He also asked Paitua program administrators in the secretariats formed in six districts and cities to immediately accommodate people who have not joined the program yet.

"Every opportunity must be used to register them, don't wait at the secretariat, we have to go to them actively," he said.

Under the Paitua program, the Southwest Papua provincial government has been providing cash sourced from Special Autonomy funds to people aged 65 years and above since July 2023.

"All data on beneficiaries from five districts and one city already exists, with the amount of funds being Rp250 thousand (around US$16,11) per month per person," Musa'ad informed.

Based on data collected by the Southwest Papua Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda), the estimated number of beneficiaries in each district and city is 2,030 in Raja Ampat; 12,735 in Sorong city; 5,766 in Sorong district; 1,905 in Maybrat; 846 in Tambrauw; and 1,476 in South Sorong.

"So, a total of 24,759 beneficiaries," Musa'ad said.

The Paitua program budget amounts to Rp250 thousand (around US$16,11) per person per month, with Rp150 thousand (around US$9,66) provided by the provincial government and Rp100 thousand (around US$6,44) by the districts and cities.

Paitua funds are distributed by financial institution Bank Papua.

"So, these funds are channeled directly to the elderly's accounts through verification by the joint secretariat team at the provincial and city district levels," Musa'ad said.

The ultimate goal of the Paitua program is to improve the welfare of the elderly and, at the same time, reduce poverty levels, he added.

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