Jakarta (ANTARA) - Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Sakti Wahyu Trenggono stated that collaboration in fisheries between Indonesia and Vietnam could potentially make the two countries the champions of fisheries in Asia and also at the global level.

“If Indonesia and Vietnam unite, the two countries will become a power in the region,” he noted in a statement from his ministry received here on Thursday.

Trenggono stated at the Meet Indonesia event in Nha Trang, Vietnam, on Thursday that Indonesia has strong and superior sources of marine and fishery raw materials. Meanwhile, Vietnam has expertise in the field of growing and processing in the fisheries sector.

To this end, he affirmed that cooperation in fisheries between the governments of Indonesia and Vietnam, which had been agreed upon earlier, must be realized through concrete fisheries investment in the two countries.

He assessed that the fishery cooperation is not only limited to encouraging environmental sustainability and economic growth of the two countries to be maintained but also contributing to the fulfillment of global demand for fishery commodities.

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“Investing in Indonesia and Vietnam is no longer limited by region. It is part of investment cooperation between Indonesia and Vietnam to become a part of global suppliers in the marine and fisheries sector,” he explained.

Fishery investment in Indonesia has shown positive trends. According to data in the third quarter of 2023, the investment reached Rp9.56 trillion (around US$610.14 million).

It comprised Rp5.32 trillion (around US$339.54 million) in domestic investment, Rp1.4 trillion (around US$89.35 million) in foreign investment, and Rp2.84 trillion (around US$181.26 million) in investment credits.

Based on the business sector, fish processing ranked first, with investment amounting to Rp3.65 trillion (around US$233 million).

It is followed by fish farming worth Rp2.6 trillion (around US$165.97 million); marketing, Rp1.95 trillion (around US$124.48 million); fish catching, Rp1.18 trillion (around US$75.32 million); and fisheries services, Rp186.51 billion (around US$11.90 million).

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