The peak is estimated on April 6, or D-4 of Eid, with a total of 259 thousand vehicles.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - State-owned toll road operator PT Jasa Marga has informed that the peak of Eid al-Fitr homecoming is predicted on April 6, 2024, or D-4 of Eid, with the number of vehicles expected to reach 259 thousand.

Operations director, Jasa Marga, Fitri Wiyanti, said on Wednesday that the figure is based on the number of vehicles leaving Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, and Bekasi (Jabotabek) through four toll gates — Ciawi, Cikupa, Kaliber Utama, and Cikampek Utama — which reached 1.86 million in the period from D-7 to D+2, an increase of 5.94 percent compared to 2023.

"The peak is estimated on April 6, or D-4 of Eid, with a total of 259 thousand vehicles, an increase of 0.03 percent compared to 2023," she informed at a press conference in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the peak of the return flow is estimated on April 14, or D+4 of Eid, with the volume of vehicles entering the four gates predicted to reach 300,722, Wiyanti said.

She added that the critical location is Kilometer 66 of the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road for outbound traffic from Jakarta, whose number is predicted to reach 1.86 million, or an increase of 6.41 percent compared to the previous year.

Jasa Marga has also predicted that the total volume of return traffic entering Jakarta will reach 1 million, an increase of 4.4 percent compared to 2023, or an increase of 117 percent compared to normal conditions, she said.

According to her, Jasa Marga will carry out several operational improvements for the 2024 Eid homecoming, such as installing traffic counting radars, with an additional 159 units spread across Jabotabek and Trans Java as well as rest areas to support the police and the transportation service in better decision-making for traffic engineering.

Jasa Marga will also provide a line control signal at four points in Jakarta-Cikampek for contraflow, especially from the Cikatama toll gate, and CCTV at arteries to accommodate the work of the Police Traffic Corps.

Wiyanti said that in recent years, Jasa Marga has launched the Travoy application for homecomers. This year, the company launched an additional feature that helps determine routes for certain destinations and provides information on fares and congestion.

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