Jakarta (ANTARA) - Officials from the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) foiled a drug distribution syndicate's attempt to deliver 200 kilograms of marijuana from Aceh to Java.

"We were able to disclose a narcotic crime in Aceh with two suspects and approximately 200 kilograms of evidence," the deputy for eradication at BNN, Inspector General I Wayan Sugiri, informed at a press conference on Tuesday.

According to him, the police arrested the suspects after receiving a tip about a planned marijuana delivery from Aceh to Java.

BNN investigators conducted a search at the suspected location of the marijuana delivery in the Indrapuri area of Aceh Besar on March 2, 2024.

During the search, the team intercepted one suspect, identified by the initials MR, who was assigned to deliver the marijuana from Aceh to Java.

After detecting that he was being followed, MR panicked and threw away several sacks of marijuana.

"MR ran away and entered the forest by throwing evidence onto the road and leaving his car on the side of the road," Sugiri informed.

Not long after, the team arrested MR at his residence and took him to the location where he had dumped the marijuana.

"At the dump site, the team found six sacks of dried marijuana with a total weight of 132 kilograms," Sugiri said.

Later, the BNN team went to another location in the Indrapuri area where MR was storing the remaining marijuana.

From that location, the police confiscated several kilograms of marijuana. Overall, 200 kilograms of marijuana was seized in the operation.

MR told investigators that he got the marijuana from a 4-hectare field in Lamteuba, Aceh.

"We found a 4-hectare marijuana field and also found 7 tons of additional wet marijuana. We destroyed it on March 7," he said.

MR also revealed that he was ordered by a prisoner, identified by the initials RF, to deliver the marijuana to Java.

BNN immediately secured RF at Rajabasa prison in Lampung.

Currently, BNN is still investigating the involvement of other parties in the marijuana distribution syndicate.

MR and RF have been charged under Article 114, Paragraph 2 in conjunction with 132 Paragraph 1 Subsidiary Article 111 Paragraph 2 in conjunction with Article 132 Paragraph 1 of Law Number 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics. If convicted, they face the death penalty or life imprisonment.

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