Jakarta (ANTARA) - Garuda Indonesia airline launched the GarudaMiles Diaspora Indonesia Program in Hong Kong that offers discounts on ticket prices and extra baggage.

According to a written statement from Garuda Indonesia on Friday (Apr 5), Miles and Ancillary Group Head Garuda Indonesia Ima Rahmaniar stated that the choice of Hong Kong as the launch location of the program was based on the company’s business considerations.

“(This factor) as well as the company’s aspirations and commitment to providing support for the flight journey of the Indonesian diaspora In Hong Kong, comprising migrant workers, professional workers, and students,” Rahmaniar stated.

The program was launched on Wednesday (Apr 3) at the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) Hong Kong that was also attended by Consul General Yul Edison and General Manager of Garuda Indonesia for Hong Kong Leonard Sitanggang.

"Indonesian migrant workers contribute to the growth and development of Indonesia's economic, social, and cultural development," Rahmaniar added.

According to Rahmaniar, the GarudaMiles Program is a special offering for the Indonesian diaspora in Hong Kong with special benefits and a GarudaMiles card with a Hong Kong Indonesian Diaspora thematic design.

"However, the biggest benefit of this program is the additional baggage quota of up to 20 kg," Rahmaniar stated.

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Some benefits that Indonesian citizens living in Hong Kong can get by participating in this program also include a 10 percent bonus on Garuda Indonesia flight miles, a discount on Garuda Indonesia tickets of up to 20 percent, and other conveniences.

To be able to participate and obtain the GarudaMiles Diaspora Hong Kong card, Indonesian citizens must register via the bit.ly/DaftarGarudaMilesDiasporaHKG by attaching their passport and Hong Kong identity card as either a student or migrant worker/professional to the registration link.

Another requirement is that the applicant must be at least 12 years of age.

The process for a diaspora card is a maximum of three working days after registration, while card printing takes around 30 working days from active membership.

Garuda Indonesia is known to have reactivated several international routes that were earlier closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic since 2023.

International routes include trips to Melbourne, Sydney, Tokyo, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong.

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