Jakarta (ANTARA) - PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry stated that tickets for the Merak (Banten)-Bakauheni (Lampung) ferry crossing route have been sold out until April 8.

“(Ferry crossing) tickets from today until April 8 at 23:59 Western Indonesia Time have been sold out for all groups, including the regular terminal and express terminal," Corporate Secretary of PT ASDP Shelvy Arifin stated here on Saturday.

To support the 2024 Eid exodus flow, Arifin remarked that her side has provided ticket quota of 25 thousand every day, which is four folds more than the normal day's allocation of only around eight thousand tickets.

As that quota has been sold out, ASDP urged travelers looking to cross through Merak Port to Bakauheni Port to purchase on April 9, considering that tickets are no longer available until April 8.

In addition, she explained that the ferry crossings are available to purchase since D-60 of departure, so travelers should have bought tickets long back.

Those having purchased tickets in advance can still go to the port area, she noted.

Meanwhile, travelers who did not buy the tickets are advised against going to the port area, as they are no longer available.

Arifin drew attention to several buffer zones been prepared for people coming to the port area despite them not having bought tickets online.

"We hope that customers can rearrange their travel schedule to cross through the Merak Port,” she remarked.

PT ASDP also projected the Eid exodus flow peak at Merak Port to occur on April 6, or four days before Eid.

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