Bakauheni, Lampung (ANTARA) - Lampung Police prepared four special parking spots in a bid to anticipate a spike in the number of vehicles heading to Bakauheni Port during the 2024 Eid al-Fitr return flow.

"We have readied four buffer zones or parking centers along the routes heading towards the port," said Lampung Police Head, Police Inspector General, Helmy Santika at Bakauheni Port in South Lampung on Saturday.

These parking spots were prepared to implement a delay system if heavy traffic occurs during the peak Eid return flow at the port, he said.

He revealed that in addition to the buffer zones, the police also readied five rest areas located along the routes connected to the port to deal with traffic congestion.

The buffer zones have the capacity to accommodate 360 vehicles, while the rest areas can serve around 1,200 vehicles.

"Hence, in total, we can redirect as many as 1,560 vehicles to those spots," he said.

Lampung Police would immediately open the buffer zones and rest areas once the extent of congestion reaches four kilometers from the entrance of the port during the Eid return flow.

Santika also stated that the police might utilize some other alternative spots to deal with heavy traffic.

However, he expressed hope that the return flow would run smoothly so that the spots would not be required.

State-owned ferry operator ASDP Indonesia Ferry recorded a 50-percent increase in the number of motorbikes and cars crossing Bakauheni Port and Merak Port in Banten on Friday.

On that day, a total of 5,872 motorbikes headed to Banten via Bakauheni Port, higher than the 3,421 vehicles departing the port the day before. During the same period, the number of cars increased, from 5,371 to 8,899.

The crossings of vehicles were accommodated by 34 ferries, with the number of voyages reaching 111 on that day.

The ferry operator projected the peak of the Eid return flow at Bakauheni Port to occur on April 13-14.

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