Manokwari, W Papua (ANTARA) - The Forestry Office of West Papua Province has set a target of planting 71,600 tree seedlings in seven districts to implement its five reforestation program plans for 2024.

Acting Head of West Papua Forestry Office Jimmy W Susanto said here on Sunday that the tree seedlings planted for this reforestation programs are of various types, both fruit and wood ones.

The reforestation programs include rehabilitation of 18 hectares of mangroves with a target of 7,200 tree seedlings, and rehabilitation development of four hectares of land with a total of 1,600 tree seedlings, he said.

Furthermore, they also include reforestation of the environment outside the state forest area of 128 hectares with a target of 51,200 tree seedlings, as well as the development of a city forest outside the state forest area, with a target of seven hectares and 4,400 seedlings.

"The last program is the development of a community forest outside the state forest area, with 18 hectares and a target of 7,200 tree seedlings," he explained.

He underscored that those programs, which target 175 hectares of land outside the state forest area, need a synergistic collaboration of the seven district governments to make them successful.

The seven districts are Manokwari, South Manokwari, Pegunungan Arfak, Teluk Bintuni, Teluk Wondama, Kaimana, and Fakfak.

"The authority of regional governments is only carrying out rehabilitation outside the forest area. If it is within the forest area, that is the ministry's authority," he said.

Susanto noted that in 2023, some 35,600 seedlings were planted on 89 hectares of land. They consisted of 2,000 seedlings planted in the community forest development program and 33,600 seedlings planted under the reforestation program.

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Translator: Fransiskus Salu, Raka Adji
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