Jakarta (ANTARA) - A member of Commission IX of the House of Representatives (DPR), Edy Wuryanto, has appealed to Indonesian migrant workers (PMI) to seek work through legal channels, in keeping with the applicable regulations.

"The method used must also be legal. If it does not comply with the provisions, this poses a risk to worker safety," Wuryanto said in a written statement received here on Tuesday.

By taking up work through legal channels, Indonesian migrant workers will be able to help improve their family's economy and contribute to increasing foreign exchange for the country, he added.

Wuryanto conveyed this while meeting with 1,275 young students of the Bina Muda Private Job Training Institute (LPKS) in Wolo village, Penawangan sub-district, Grobogan district, Central Java, on Monday (April 15, 2024).

On the occasion, the students prayed together before taking the 2024 EPS-TOPIK test.

The test was organized by the Indonesian Migrant Workers Protection Agency (BP2MI) for the Central Java region and a company from Korea.

"This EPS-TOPIK test is a standard competency test for Indonesian migrant workers who will work in Korea through the government to government (G-to-G) program," he said.

Wuryanto explained that the Employment Permit System (EPS) is a test of Korean language skills for foreign workers planning to work in South Korea. The material tested, he said, is related to the concerned job.

"Those who pass the test will be guaranteed to be able to speak Korean. This makes it easier for them to work in South Korea," he added.

Wuryanto expressed the hope that all students who take the test pass so that they can work in South Korea.

"I hope all my students pass the test and become a proud successful person," he said.

Wuryanto also praised young people with the courage to work abroad.

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