Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Coalition of Indonesian Musicians for Gaza held a peaceful demonstration demanding an end to the acts of genocide carried out by Israel.

The action, initiated by the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (KontraS) and supported by Indonesian artists, was held in front of the US Embassy in Jakarta, Friday (Apr 19).

Human rights activist Fatia Maulidiyanti stated that the victims most affected by the war taking place in Gaza were children and women, and they needed help.

"Anything we can do, just a click, or just voice our opinion, is important," Maulidiyanti remarked.

She said that people need to participate in politics to be able to voice their opinions and stop all conflicts that occur throughout the world.

Meanwhile, artist Bella Fawzi remarked that before today's action, she and several Indonesian musicians had created a collaborative song titled "Tanah Para Nabi" (Land of the Prophets).

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She said that the song can now be heard on digital music platforms while adding that all royalties from the song will be donated directly to Palestine.

"We will give all royalties from the Land of the Prophets to the NGO Friends of Palestine Indonesia to be allocated directly to Palestine," Bella remarked.

Musician Chiki Fawzi expressed hope that people would continue to work together to speak out about what is taking place in Palestine and relentlessly assert that the US is not right in supporting Israel.

Moreover, a man, on grounds of anonymity and active in the Palestine Post, stated that what has happened in Gaza since October 2023 had been taking place since 1948, and genocide must be opposed.

He also said that as information is now open and nothing can be covered up, it is currently difficult to form public opinion.

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