From Market Leadership to Technological Leadership: ANGEL Brand Strategy Upgraded Completely

Shenzhen, China, (ANTARA/PRNewswire)- On April 18th, ANGEL held its "Global Leading Water Purification Technology" strategic elevation and new Space Master Series product launch event at the Beijing Water Cube. In addition to unveiling its new strategic direction as a "leading global expert in water purification technology", ANGEL also launched the ANGEL Space Master Series, a comprehensive line of whole-house water purification products. At the event, ANGEL's water purification technology experience ambassadors shared their experiences with the new products, while strategic alliances were announced, allowing guests to engage in discussions about innovative achievements in water purification technology. This marked a new beginning for the water purification industry.

A New Strategic Upgrade: From Market Leadership to Technological Leadership

Kong Na, Chairman and President of ANGEL Group, shared the evolution of the ANGEL brand and the water purification industry at the event. In her address, as a pioneer deeply engaged in water purification technology for 36 years, ANGEL experienced three significant technological advancements, guiding China's water purification industry through three eras while adhering to technological innovation as its driving force.

When ANGEL introduced the first water purifier in China in 1988, it ushered in a new era of pure drinking water. Subsequently, in 2019, the unveiling of the A7 large-capacity water purifier propelled the industry into the era of purifying water for washing purposes. Then, in 2022, the launch of the X-Tech series high-end whole-house water purification solution paved the way for a global leap forward in water purification. Over the past 36 years, ANGEL has continuously achieved technological breakthroughs, guiding the industry across three eras. To date, ANGEL has participated in the revision of 17 national and industry standards and accumulated over 900 patents. Furthermore, its research findings have been published five times in reputable SCI journals. Between 2022 and 2023, the company won 19 international invention awards, making significant advancements in the field of global water purification.

At the event, Kong Na announced that ANGEL is embarking on a comprehensive strategic upgrade, outlining the new strategic objective of becoming the "leading global expert in water purification technology." With a global perspective, ANGEL intends to implement a "going global" strategy, disseminating its cutting-edge water purification technology to households worldwide, enabling more families to live a safe, healthy, and stylish lifestyle through purified drinking water.

At the same time, Kong Na unveiled ANGEL's new brand identity, revitalizing the brand image with a more digital and international perspective. In addition to embodying ANGEL's innovation and leadership in water purification, the new brand identity will also function as a conduit for ANGEL to foster emotional connections with consumers worldwide.

Finally, Kong Na announced the new global brand ambassador—Xiao Zhan. In the future, ANGEL will work hand in hand with Xiao Zhan to promote China's water purification technology to global audiences, initiating a new era in global water purification efforts.

World Record Certification for New Water Purification Products, Embarking on a New Era of Whole-house Water Purification

At the event, Zhao Kai, Vice President of ANGEL Group, officially launched the all-new ANGEL product—the Space Master Series whole-house water purifier. This innovative line features a new "ecological fusion" design language that combines technology with art. The series comprises the M7 Home 800 whole-house large capacity water purifier and the whole-house Mini softener, drawing inspiration from Mount Namcha Barwa, the purest mountain peak globally.

Zhao Kai unveiled the M7 Home 800, equipped with the innovative Loong Whale Dual-effect Water Purification System. This system achieves a large flow rate of 4T/h due to the innovative Dual ACF2000 composite filter element, ensuring thorough water purification for the entire household. This patented reverse osmosis filter element 2.0 Plus has a purification capacity of 64,000 liters, maintaining optimal water quality for up to 8 years without degradation. This filter element has won the 2022 China Patent Excellence Award, as well as many other domestic and international awards such as the Golden Award at International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva in 2022 and the Golden Award at Asia International Innovative Invention Exhibition in 2023. Furthermore, the product incorporates APCM aerospace antibacterial technology that has a 99.99% removal rate for ESKAPE super-resistant bacteria, ensuring the health and safety of users.

As a significant note, ANGEL accomplished the successful launch of APCM antibacterial material into space on December 17, 2023, with the test mission concluding triumphantly. At the event, Dr. Li Fei, the expert overseeing the space experiment payload, affirmed that the antibacterial material of APCM still exhibited strong bactericidal properties even when subjected to the challenging conditions of microgravity, high vacuum, and strong radiation. This material has great application prospects in medical care, food protection, and other fields.

Subsequently, Zhao Kai gave a detailed introduction to the whole-house Mini water softener. With its dual-drive and enhanced softening system, the water flow path is increased by about 2.2 times, enabling dual softening capabilities. Additionally, the system employs a flat water distribution system to achieve a 360° full-coverage spray. It achieves a softening efficiency up to 99.8% and a flow rate up to 1.5 m3/h to meet dual toilet soft water needs. The product is also equipped with IoT intelligent interconnection, patented AI smart multi-way valve technology, real-time monitoring of machine status, and automatic customization of regeneration cycles, thus effectively reducing the volume of the softener.

Designed with exquisite quality, the Space Master Series has garnered the World Record Certification Agency's "smallest volume whole-house water purification system" certification. According to Zhao Kai, the Space Master Series comprehends users' challenges in whole-house water purification, addressing the needs of small and medium-sized households through miniaturization, and opens a new era in whole house water purification.

Convergence of Forces to Build a New Industry Ecosystem

ANGEL continues to lead industry development through technological advancements. At this event, experts and professionals from different fields, along with strategic partners, were invited to inaugurate the Water Purification Technology Alliance. This alliance aims to foster cross-border innovation, dismantle barriers to innovation, and accelerate the upgrade of the water purification industry in China and around the world.

Among them, Zhuang Ziyu, founder of BUZZ (Büro Ziyu Zhuang) Architects, and Bilibili's renowned science popularization content creator Bi Dao (Bi Xiaotian) were invited as ANGEL's water purification technology experience ambassadors to share their insights. Zhuang Ziyu expressed that for home design, reducing product dimensions will yield more ample space for creativity. ANGEL's innovations in products and technology provide crucial support for spatial construction. Moreover, Bi Dao believes, "Every technological breakthrough continuously enhances the efficiency and quality of water purification. With 36 years of technological innovation, ANGEL has consistently led industry development, step by step, using technology to turn impossibilities into possibilities and making possibilities more closely aligned with daily life."

The event also included the ANGEL Strategic Alliance Launch Ceremony. With an inclusive approach, ANGEL is poised to collaborate with global partners to leverage their collective strengths and resources, aiming to enhance consumer experiences by offering more convenient and high-quality services. This endeavor will inject new momentum into the market in the future.

Starting from small things and aiming for big achievements, ANGEL has always adhered to its original mission, starting from the "trivial matter" of water purification. The company will continue to enhance its efforts in the field of water purification, guided by the strategic vision to be a "leading global expert in water purification technology". Simultaneously, it is dedicated to promoting China's water purification technology worldwide.

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