According to the legal and international law aspects, even the current situation will not strip Palestine from qualifying as a state.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The status of Palestine as a sovereign state at the international level is final and beyond doubt, according to director general of legal and international agreement at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Amrih Jinangkung.

Although Israel has continued to encroach on Palestinian territories, the latter still qualifies as a state based on the four principles of the Montevideo Convention of a permanent population, a defined territory, government, and capacity to enter into relations with other states.

"According to the legal and international law aspects, even the current situation will not strip Palestine from qualifying as a state," Jinangkung said during an online discussion on Wednesday.

During the discussion hosted by the Law Faculty of Yogyakarta's Gadjah Mada University, the director general stressed that all parties should make efforts to realize a defined Palestinian territory free from foreign occupation.

Jinangkung also highlighted the need to realize a solid and united Palestinian government since factional differences could affect the effectiveness of Palestinian government activities.

The two aspects, he said, are important in efforts to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict and entrench Palestine's status as an independent and sovereign state.

However, he added that long-term efforts and commitment from all parties are necessary, as external and internal factors could be detrimental to the resolution of the conflict.

Meanwhile, regarding Palestine's efforts to obtain full membership of the United Nations (UN), Jinangkung said that this can be achieved at the recommendation of the UN Security Council and endorsements from two-thirds of UN General Assembly members.

He also emphasized that the United States' veto of Palestine's UN membership will not be a detriment to Palestine's statehood status among the international community.

"The voting results do not affect the UN's recognition of Palestine as the UN continues recognizing Palestine as an observer state whose 'state' status is final," he added.

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