Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia urged the United Nations (UN) to grant special rights for Palestine at the Emergency Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, the US, on Friday (May 10).

Indonesia is one of the 77 countries co-sponsoring the resolution titled "Admission of New Members in the United Nations" that is also supported by 143 UN member countries.

"This is the first time an observer state has been given special rights and authority similar to other UN members," as quoted from a statement from the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry on Saturday.

Palestine has been a UN observer state since 2012. The granting of these privileges confirms the increasing support from the global community for the Palestinian cause, the further recognition of Palestine as a state in the UN, and the realization of a two-state solution.

Some of the special rights and privileges given to Palestine, among other things, is that it can sit together with UN member states and propose resolutions as well as become a co-sponsor of resolutions.

The statement also mentioned that Palestine can be elected as chairman of the UN General Assembly session and various committees under it and can fully participate in the scope of UN and international conferences under the UN General Assembly Session.

"With Palestine's increasing role in becoming a full member of the UN, we hope the political visibility of Palestinian issues and struggles will increase. The new role is also expected to accommodate and accelerate Palestine's application re-submission on its full membership to the UN Security Council," the ministry remarked on the official statement.

The Emergency Session of the UN General Assembly on Friday stemmed from the veto of one of the UN Security Council's permanent member states on Palestine's application for full membership on April 18.

In response to a joint call from Arab countries, the OIC, and the Non-Aligned Movement, the UN General Assembly has taken steps toward advancing the Palestinian cause and international peace efforts.

"This success is also supported by Indonesia's active role in gathering support from countries in several regions," the statement added.

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