With the various efforts being made, Alimuddin is optimistic that IKN will serve as an example for improving the quality of education in Indonesia.
Samarinda (ANTARA) - The Nusantara Capital Authority (OIKN) underscored the importance of basic services during the IKN transition period while ensuring that educational services in the area are at least the same as those in Jakarta.

"From now on, we are collaborating to increase the capacity and skills of existing teachers as a first step in improving education services," Deputy for Socio-Cultural and Community Empowerment of OIKN Alimuddin stated in Samarinda, Saturday.

Alimuddin also revealed that collaboration with the East Kalimantan Province Education and Culture Service had started in 2023 to improve the quality of education at IKN.

"We have made efforts to accelerate improving the quality of education, including infrastructure and teaching staffs in the current IKN area," he remarked.

Alimuddin emphasized the importance of adopting best practices from private schools that have shown good results in the efforts to increase the capacity of the education sector.

"We want to adopt these successful patterns into the education system in state schools," he remarked.

Alimuddin also stated that the OIKN is currently preparing an education road map expected to serve as a guide for improving and perfecting existing education policies.

"We are not carrying out a revolution but improvements to make education services more agile," he remarked.

With the various efforts being made, Alimuddin is optimistic that IKN will serve as an example for improving the quality of education in Indonesia.

"We are committed to making meaningful and sustainable changes," he noted.

He drew attention to several challenges still faced in implementing the concept of Independent Learning in literal.

"Policies from Jakarta certainly take time to be adopted immediately, while there are many local problems that make this process slow," he stated.

He also highlighted the importance of changing mindsets in the education ecosystem, from school principals to teachers.

"Change of one or two people is not enough. We need to change the entire ecosystem," he stressed.

According to Alimuddin, the IKN area currently has the opportunity to fully implement "Independent Learning" owing to its smaller population and more limited number of schools as compared to Jakarta.

"With approximately 330 schools currently available, we can implement this concept more effectively in stages," he affirmed.

Alimuddin also discussed efforts to change the approach to education at the early childhood education level by suggesting extending the maximum learning age from six years to eight years.

He deems this crucial as children need to move and play more at an early age.

"From the concrete plans and steps that have been prepared, the IKN transition period will certainly bring about a new era in education that is more inclusive, dynamic, and oriented towards the future needs of the young generation there," he explained.

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