Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian warship KRI Diponegoro-365 conducted a gunnery exercise in the Mediterranean Sea to test its weaponry readiness during operations to guard Lebanese waters with the UN Peacekeeping Force Maritime Task Force in Lebanon (MTF UNIFIL).

The Indonesian Navy Information Service, in an official statement on Saturday, informed that the exercise was divided into four sessions, all of which were directed to the Barbara Zone of the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon.

The commander of KRI Diponegoro-365, Lieutenant Colonel Wirastyo Haprabu, informed that the exercise aimed to test the function of the ship's weapon and command sensor system.

"The exercise is also to maintain the professionalism and combat instincts of crew members in facing very complex and dynamic developments in situations, especially in the Lebanese waters mission area," he added.

During the exercise, which took place on May 21, 2024, the warship crew fired the 76mm Otomelara Super Rapid Gun (OSRG) fast reaction cannon using two methods: through the Combat Information Center (PIT) system and via the Target Designated Sight (TDS) device.

In addition, the crew practiced shooting using the 20mm Mitraliur Vector G20 from the right and left sides, then using the Terma Decoy Soft Kill Weapon System (SKWS), both from the PIT room and manually (bridge CU), to prevent incoming missile attacks. The SKWS Terma Decoy is one of the anti-missiles on the warship.

The crew also performed a shooting exercise using a 7.62mm AX Type Sniper during a simulation of asymmetric threats at sea.

As per the statement, KRI Diponegoro has been serving with the MTF UNIFIL in Lebanese waters since early 2024. The Indonesian Navy warship sailed from Jakarta to Lebanon at the end of 2023, replacing KRI Frans Kaisiepo-368, which previously served with the TNI Garuda XXVIII-N UNIFIL Contingent MTF Task Force.

The MTF Task Force in Lebanon is responsible for maintaining peace along the Lebanese and Israeli borders together with other UNIFIL task forces, including the TNI Mechanized Battalion Task Force (INDOBATT), Force Headquarter Support Unit (FHQSU), Indo Force Protection Company (FPC) Task Force, TNI Civil-Military Coordination (CIMIC) Task Force, Military Community Outreach Unit (MCOU) Task Force, and Level 2 Hospital Task Force.

Most of the TNI (Indonesian Defense Forces) soldiers who are members of UNIFIL operate on land, while the MTF Task Force carries out its duties at sea.

The tasks carried out by soldiers from the MTF UNIFIL Task Force include conducting water patrols along the border, preventing the illegal entry of weapons, and holding training for Lebanese Navy soldiers.

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