Jakarta (ANTARA) - A member of the Indonesian Ombudsman, Hery Susanto, on Monday outlined nine suggestions and improvements for future Eid homecomings for the Transportation Ministry, National Development Planning Ministry, National Police, and Jasa Raharja.

"First, the central and regional governments, ministries, police, and SOEs (state-owned enterprises) should increase coordination to handle congestion and other conditions that disrupt security, comfort, safety, and order," he said on Monday while sharing the results of the Ombudsman's supervision of the 2024 Eid al-Fitr homecoming.

Second, homecoming posts must be established on D-10 of Eid at locations prone to congestion, he added.

Third, a comprehensive ramp check/safety inspection mechanism must be implemented to ensure the roadworthiness of public buses carrying passengers, from both technical and administrative aspects, Susanto said.

Fourth, all public transportation operators must be encouraged to carry out comprehensive health checks for drivers and crew to ensure they are fit to carry out their duties.

Fifth, regulations on the application of upper limit tariffs for non-economy buses must be issued by considering people's purchasing power and the business sustainability of bus operators.

Sixth, adequate facilities and infrastructure must be offered to travelers, including elderly passengers, people with disabilities, and breastfeeding mothers, at bus terminals, ports, airports, and train stations.

Seventh, the reliability and ease of access to the ticketing system or online ticket purchases must be increased, and outreach to the public about the ticketing system, especially for water crossings, must be expanded.

Eighth, monitoring and control of ticket brokering and ticket fraud must be stepped up, especially during homecoming/returning flows.

Ninth, the free homecoming program must be optimized through an integrated online registration system to ensure there are no double registrants.

"We need to build a free homecoming registration system through effective coordination and collaboration with all stakeholders, including the Transportation Ministry, SOEs, National Police, and the government," Susanto said.

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Translator: Narda Margaretha, Resinta Sulistiyandari
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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