Jakarta (ANTARA) - Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi said that electric-based mass transportation (electric vehicles) at Nusantara Capital City (IKN) in East Kalimantan will start operating in August 2024.

"We think that the implementation of electric vehicles in IKN will be relatively possible in August," said Sumadi when he was inspecting the mass transportation, Transjakarta, in Jakarta on Sunday.

The Nusantara Capital Authority (OIKN) provides electric buses for mass transportation. Apart from electric buses, there are also trackless autonomous trains or Autonomous-rail Rapid Transit (ART) to serve mass transportation.

"ART is a kind of tram, but what special is that it has no rails and electricity, it uses batteries, and in August it will start running," he said.

Ministers and echelon I officials are asked to use electric vehicles.

"The private sector, whether it's Blue Bird, Gojek, Grab, already wants to operate there," he said.

Meanwhile, for flying taxis or drones that carry passengers, the minister said that his party has not been able to find appropriate regulations.

"We refer to this regulation as developed countries, America has not yet given formal permission," he said.

Therefore, the Ministry of Transportation will not yet grant permission for flying taxis as a mode of transportation in IKN.

"There are risks if the city used drones. Therefore, we have not given permission for flying taxis, it is allowed for exhibitions, not yet for public transportation," he said.

Previously, regarding electric bus services, the Ministry of Transportation had carried out a technical planning study for public transportation at KIPP stage 1 by proposing 3 routes.

The three routes are the Park & Ride route to the Grand Mosque with a total requirement of 13 medium buses.

While the Park & Ride route to the Botanical Garden requires a total fleet of 7 medium buses, and routes Park & Ride 1 to Park & Ride 2 with a total requirement of 21 fleets.

Meanwhile, OIKN also plans to collaborate with Bluebird to serve routes within IKN or KIPP phase 1, in this case related to the procurement of electric buses and operational plans.

Then, for 2024 a Buy the Service (BTS) budget has been proposed to serve the IKN route.

Regarding the route plan, it will be adjusted to the land parcels that have been built, while the number of fleet requirements is still waiting for study and review from the OIKN team.

The Ministry will provide support related to transportation in commemoration of the 79th Indonesian Independence Day at IKN on 17 August 2024.

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