Jakarta (ANTARA) - Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini provided assistance for groundwater drilling and clean water treatment installation in the districts of Lebak and Pandeglang in Banten Province.

"We have sent a team and carried out a survey. The Ministry of Social Affairs has found a water source with a large enough capacity," she noted in a release from the Ministry of Social Affairs in Jakarta, Saturday.

"Hopefully, the drilling we are carrying out will be completed soon," she remarked.

She explained that the assistance was offered to address difficulties in the availability of clean water often faced by people in these two districts.

Based on the National Disaster Risk Assessment Document for Banten Province for 2022-2026, she stated that Lebak and Pandeglang can likely experience the highest economic losses due to drought disasters.

She remarked that 384,851 poor residents could potentially be affected by drought in the area.

Based on the data, Rismaharini plans to promptly deploy a team to build clean water installations in order to prevent the emergence of new areas of poverty in the event that those community groups are affected by drought.

Residents in the two districts that the minister visited generally use springs in the forest and wells to meet their daily water needs.

However, during the dry season in the June-October period, springs and wells tended to dry up, thereby leaving the residents with no choice but to buy clean water, as the local water supply company (PDAM) had not yet entered their area.

The ministry then looked for clean water sources through drilling by applying geoelectric technology.

Water from drilling will be stored in two reservoirs with a capacity of 10 thousand liters, which is sufficient to meet the water needs of 115 families.

Apart from that, her side has provided 2,200 VA of electricity to PLN.

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Translator: Hana Dewi Kinarina Kaban, Cindy Frishanti Octavia
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