Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The presidential task force for judicial and tax fraud mafia syndicate has asked for a thorough investigation into the sources of Gayus`s funds.

"This is important to know where his money has so far come from. So long as it is unknown people will keep guessing and it will only create suspicions and I think people will agree with it. If the sources are made clearer we will be able to uncover the practice of tax fraud and judicial mafia syndicate so far," task force member Denny Indrayana said to reporters here on Wednesday.

He said the tracing must be done correctly and must not run against the law.

"We cannot speak upon assumptions regarding the companies involved but must have evidence because it is a legal affairs and we may not generalize that all companies that Gayus had handled gave bribes. It cannot either be shortlisted to cover only one or five companies. So it must be made clear with undeniable evidence," he said.

When asked if data from the Financial Transactions Analysis and Reporting Center (PPATK) could be used to uncover the sources of Gayus`s funds Denny said in line with the law the data could only be submitted to law enforcers and KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission).

"I heard that PPATK is just trying to find the connections between Gayus and those who have assets abroad. But the data could not be automatically accessed by the task force.
That is the principle problem. Although the PPATK chief is a task force member we must respect that PPATK cannot produce data to the task force," he said.

Denny said PPATK certainly has right now built communications with the law enforcers concerned in the case and he asked all parties to wait for the results.

On the occasion Denny also reminded the public and various other parties not to waste their energy on discussing a number of matters which are not significant for helping settle the case such as about Gayus`s picture on the Facebook accounts and others.

"Do not waste the energy for it. To me the photos on Facebook aer not too significant and to my short memory were made before he was involved in this case as seen from their dates. So it is not relevant to discuss them," he said.

Denny denied that he and his wife often communicated with Gayus and also his wife, Milana.

"That is not true. In connection with my wife there is not such thing as often communicating. At most it was for greeting `happy idul fitri`. That is all. It happens because we have met in the context, I repeat, in the context similar to mine namely helping uncover the judicial and tax fraud mafia ring and not on others." (*)

Editor: Kunto Wibisono
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