Rural objects still Yogyakarta`s main tourist attraction

Rural objects still Yogyakarta`s main tourist attraction

illustration (ANTARA/Wahyu Putro A)

Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - Rural tourism objects are still the main attraction for both domestic and foreign tourists in Yogyakarta, Widya Budaya Foundation chairperson Widi Utaminingsih said here on Wednesday.

"Rural tourism here has a great potential and it can be a mainstay for the increase of the number of tourist visits to Yogyakarta," she said.

Therefore, she added that rural tourism in Yogyakarta would continue to be developed correctly, creatively, and uniquely in order to attract even more domestic and foreign tourists.

She said Yogyakarta was a province with a lot of villages that could be developed into rural tourism sites.

"Rural tourism in Yogyakarta has its own characteristics and advantages found nowhere else in Indonesia," said Widi Utaminingsih whose foundation is engaged in locally-based tourism and cultural research and development.

According to her, rural tourism in Yogyakarta was predicted to have good prospects in 2011.

"The rural tourism potential will complement the diversity of tourism attractions in Yogyakarta special province and thus it should continue to to be developed," Widi said.

She said both the regional and provincial governments should make every effort to develop the rural tourism potential to attract as many foreign and domestic tourists as possible this year.

"Every rural tourism in Yogyakarta has its own typical atmosphere namely the the culture and tradition, arts, as well as natural breathtaking scenery," Widi said.

She added that the Widya Budaya Foundation has a great concern in the field of tourism and cultural development study with a local potential basis.

According to her, each rural tourism has the potential of agriculture, animal husbandry, and art and cultural attractions that could be developed to attract tourists.

She said there were at least 50 villages in Yogyakarta that could be turned into rural tourism with the cooperation from all parties.