British tourists to Bali up 2.77 pct

British tourists to Bali up  2.77 pct

(ANTARA News/Nyoman Budhiana)

Denpasar, Bali (ANTARA News) - Bali had 96,412 British tourists in 2010, an increase of 2.77 percent over the previous year`s 93,688 people, Head of Bali Statistics Central Agency, Gede Suarsa said here, Tuesday.

"They mostly arrived at Ngurah Rai Airport by plane directly from their country, and only 698 arrived at seaports on board cruisers," he noted.

Gede Suarsa said, while in Bali, the British people enjoyed the sights and panorama well as the uniqueness of Balinese culture and art.

In visits to a number of attractive tourism locations, the tourists are accompanied and escorted by 1,317 English speaking tourist guides.

Gede Suarsa added, Britain ranked eighth, up in ratings from the previous year which are in the position of caretaker of nine or ten countries supplying the most of the foreign tourists to the island.

Britain ranked eighth after Australia, Japan, China, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, France and Singapore.

Britain contributed 3.74 percent of total number of foreign tourists on vacation in the island reaching 2,576,142 persons in 2010, an 8.01 percent increase from the previous year`s 2,385,122 people.

Gede Suarsa explained that of the ten countries that supplied most of the foreign tourists to Bali, six had experienced asignificant improvement while the other four showed a decline.

The six countries have increased significantly in addition to England and Australia by 43.67 percent from 446,570 people to 641,588 people, Malaysia 16.03 percent from 135,190 people to 156,858 people, Taiwan 1.50 percent from 120,445 people to 122,256 people, Singapore 73.96 percent from 56,992 people to 97,402 people and German 12.77 percent from 74,849 people to 84,406 people.

While the four countries with less visitors to Bali included Japan 26.61 percent from 333,905 people to 245,040 people, China 4.48 percent from 206,151 people to 196,925 people, South Korea 0.13 percent from 124,889 people to 124,729 people and 8.31 percent of French from 113,453 people became 104,029 people, Gede Suarsa noted.