Singaraja (ANTARA News) - Floods inundated 475 houses in three villages of Gerokgak subdistrict, Buleleng district, Bali province, from Tuesday evening to Wednesday morning.

The three villages were Tinga-Tinga, Celukan Bawang, and Pengulon, Head of Buleleng district`s disaster management division, Nyoman Astasemadi, said here Wednesday.

There were 108 flood-hit houses in Pengulon. As a result, many of its residents took refuge to safer places, such as the village head`s office, he said.

Forty seven houses in Tinga-Tinga village were also submerged by 1.5-meter-high flood water. A primary school building collapsed after being carried by the flood water currents, he said.

The village, whose residents suffered most, was Celukan Bawang because 320 houses were inundated and a landslide buried a house of a villager named Made Atas, he said.

The flooding, caused by the high density of rainfalls in Gerokgak subdistrict`s areas, also destroyed a 10-meter-long bridge and disrupted the flows of people and vehicles on the access roads of Pengulon and Patas villages, he said.

"We cannot yet calculate the precise amount of material losses that locals have suffered in this natural disaster," Nyoman Astasemadi said.

Over the past year, various parts of Indonesia have been hit by extremely bad weather, coupled with heavy rains and whirlwinds.

The extreme weather in the country was predicted to last until April 2011.

On February 19, a whirlwind hit three villages in Trenggalek and Pacitan districts, East Java, damaging tens of houses and toppling a number of trees.

On January 16, a whirlwind also destroyed two houses and damaged 18 others in Cinta Puri village, Simpang Empat subdistrict, Banjar district, South Kalimantan.

On January 23, a whirlwind damaged five houses and toppled tens of trees in Menthuk village, Mojosongo subdistrict, Boyolali district, Central Java.

Hundreds of cargo trucks have repeatedly got stuck on Banten province`s Merak seaport and its neighboring areas and could not be transported by ferries to Lampung province`s Bakauheni seaport partly due to high sea waves.

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