Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Police Watch (IPW) coordinator has urged the National Police (Polri) and the House of Representatives (DPR)`s Commission III to stop the establishment of the anti-anarchism detachment.

What needed the most now was to improve the performance of the intelligence and optimize the early detection, IPW Coordinator Neta S. Pane told the press here Friday.

If the Polri would go ahead with its plan to form the special detachment, IPW would urge the DPR`s Commission III to prevent it, Neta said.

According to Neta, IPW was worried the planned detachment would be accused of failing if there were no riots, or, otherwise, they would feel of being forced to "create" conflicts.

Police chief General Timur Pradopo said here on Tuesday (March 1) that Indonesian police would set up a special detachment to deal with anarchism.

"We have already made preparations for it and it will soon be simulated," he said.

National police`s head of public information Senior Commissioner Boy Rafli Amar said the anti-anarchism detachment would be set up in all regional police headquarters.

"There will be a special unit in every regional police command that will be ready to deal with anarchism," he said.

He said the detachment would implement Standard Procedure Number 1/X/2010 on anarchism control and trainings would be carried out for it.

"The detachment is for meeting the challenges that keep developing. Therefore its existence is a must. Such a detachment has actually been in existent before but this one will be more specialized," he said.

Boy said the detachment would consist of elements from the Mobile Brigade and Anti-riot Police and Mass Control Unit.

"In dealing with the mass so far efforts were made in case of anarchism in which shots might be made but this time it is about capacity building for personnel on the field," he said.
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