The Police need to work harder to anticipate all of this."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The recent explosion that occurred in Kompleks Taman Sari Bali View, Kintamani Street, Blok C1/18 in East Ciputat, South Tangerang has raised people`s concern, an Indonesia Police Watch (IPW) spokesperson said on Friday.

"At the moment, while the police are yet to arrest the perpetrators of the police officer shooting, a bomb blast has struck again in Jakarta`s housing area," the Chairman of the Presidium of the IPW, Neta S Pane, said in Jakarta.

The criminals are being allowed to carry out these acts freely, which has raised the concern of Jakarta`s residents, who also feel that these criminals are achieving greater success in outwitting the police.

Ironically the national police seem to be powerless, and the police ranks should be ashamed of their performance in this case, Pane said.

"The South Tangerang area has become a target several times, with four police shootings and a bomb blast having taken place there," he pointed out.

The latest case has exposed the national police`s failure to maintain security and order in the area.

"This explosion case is different from other police shooting cases and therefore the national police needs to examine it seriously," Pane noted.

The current bomb blast is the fourth such case within the last three months since 250 sets of dynamites went missing in Tangerang.

The first bomb blast had occurred in the Rajapolah police precinct, with Tasikmalaya, the perpetrator using a new mode called the pan bomb. It was followed by an explosion in the Vihara Ekayana, West Jakarta, Kaligawe police post and now here in Cirendeu, he added.

"These cases indicate that the terrorists are now conducting trials to make improvised explosive devices with the new formula," Pane said.

The police should be vigilant because a few moments prior to a major bomb explosion at the JW Marriot Hotel, Jakarta in 2009, many small explosions had taken place at a number of other places.

"So it is not impossible that these small explosions are an indication of a bigger bomb explosion following soon after," Pane noted.

IPW said it had also noted three terror symptoms, namely the uncertain case of 250 sets of dynamite missing, Poso terrorist leaders Santoso had not been caught yet and the cadres of Solo terrorists Solo Sigit Qurdowi, who acted as suicide bomber in the Cirebon Police precinct, had continued to haunt the country.

"The Police need to work harder to anticipate all of this," he said.

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