"The first batch is divided into two groups in terms of destination."
Surabaya, East Java (ANTARA News) - Some 180 members of the Indonesian contingent in the UN Interim Force in Lebanaon (UNIFIl) are to arrive here soon to spend a 20-day leave from their duties in the Middle Eastern country.

Their commander, Lt Col Hendy Antariksa, said through an electronic mail from Lebanon, the first batch of the squad had left for Indonesia on Thursday (March 3).

"The first batch is divided into two groups in terms of destination, namely 90 are going to Indonesia and another 91 are to conducting a minor hajj pilgrimage in Mecca," he said.

The group headed to Indonesia has taken Kuwait Airlines flights and those to Mecca NAS Airlines flights.

"The first batch is divided into 5 flight groups scheduled to take 20 days leave for each batch, from Thursday (March 3) to March 22," he said.

At a send-off ceremony at Soekarno base of Indobatt UN POSN 7-1 Adshit Al Qusayr, South Lebanon on March 3, Hendy Antariksa was accompanied by deputy commander Lt Col Marshal Harmoko and some other officers.

"I wish them a good time and send my best regards to their families whom they were going to meet in Indonesia," he said.

He also reminded the soldiers to keep peace and self esteem since the break was included in The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

The day before their departure, the soldiers had their bags checked by Military Police. The checks were necessary to prevent unpredictable things at Lebanon`s Rafiq Hariri international Airport.

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