Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - Around 80 cat lovers participated in a Cat Carnival to mark the first anniversary of Yogya Cat Carnival held at state University of Gajah Mada.

"In the province there are two cat lovers communities who are actively communicating through a twitter service. The number of their members reach 200 but only 80 participated in the carnival," event coordinator Darliana Surbakti said here on Saturday.

The Jogja Cat Carnival from March 19 to 20 was initiated by the Study Group on Pets of the Veterinary Department of the University of Gajahmada.

The activities in the carnival include cat contest, cat fashion show, eating and running competition, vaccination and a seminar on how to take care of cats and training them.

Various kinds of cats took part in the event such as Anggora, Persian, Scottish, Bengal, Sphinx and Maine Coon.

"Through the activity it is hoped cat lovers could exchange information as cat rearing has become a life style," he said.

The director of a veterinary hospital, Prof Soeparwi Ida Tjahajati said at the seminar that looking after and treating cats could not be done carelessly.

"They must pay attention to their food, vaccination and correct grooming," he said.

She said cat lovers also had better conduct consultations not only when their pet is ill but also when they are healthy.

Among the bacteria and virus that could attack cats include rabies, feline rhinotracheitis, feline panleukopenia, feline calicivirus.

"These diseases must be monitored and when they have attacked the cats must be immediately treated by vet," she said.

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