W Java to explore eleven geothermal spots

W Java to explore eleven geothermal spots

Geothermal power plant at Kamojang, Garut, West Java. (ANTARA Photo/Audy Alwi)

Bandung, West Java (ANTARA News) - The West Java provincial administration plans to conduct geothermal explorations in eleven points in West Java, Governor Ahmad Heryawan said here Tuesday.

The provincial administration was now conducting a preliminary survey at the eleven locations.

Heryawan said the potentialw of the eleven points exploration of the geothermal energy were quite large.

As a first step, now the West Java provincial administration was currently conducting the geothermal pre-exploration at three points, namely in Papadayan, Cermai and Gede Pangrango mountains.

"For the mining working area at the three points will soon be tendered," the Governor said.

According to him, the provincial administration is waiting for a license from the ministry of energy and mineral resources (EMR) to conduct the pre-exploration at the three points of that geothermal energy.

"But the latest, we will conduct a geothermal preliminary survey at the eleven points," the governor Heryawan noted.

For the plan to make regional regulations on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Heryawan confirmed that the provincial administration planed to make the regulation.

According to him, the law-making process of CSR is still in the form of an academic paper.

It is planned that, through the regional regulations, the provincial administration would become a facilitator to coordinate among regions.

"During this, the CSR program is managed by each companies. In the future we want to arrange for the good distribution. If it is managed well, the CSR programs conducted by mutual cooperation this will facilitate the utilization," Heryawan explained.

For the future, the local administration only as a facilitator, while those who will run the CSR programs is other parties, such as specialized agencies or institutions that filled by the companies.

"If the CSR program is managed by the local administration, it will be fixed just in the area, while the other regions will miss out," Heryawan said.