W. Kalimantan negotiating electricity supply with Malaysia

W. Kalimantan negotiating electricity supply with Malaysia

(ANTARA News/Lucky.R)

Tayan, West Kalimantan (ANTARA News) - The West Kalimantan provincial administration is negotiating with Malaysia on the price and terms of electricity supply to the Chemical Grade Alumina (CGA) project in Toho sub district, Pontianak district.

West Kalimantan Governor Corenelis said here Monday, the negotiations were done with Malaysia "because the project needs large amounts of electricity."

According to him, the project needed between 600 megawatt and 1200 megawatt (MW) of eletricity.

The plan did not require investment in large amount because the electricity in Sarawak, Malaysia, already exists at the border with West Kalimantan.

"Just connect it, actually," the governor said.

Meanwhile, the president director of PT Aneka Tambang, Alwin Syah Loebis said, the company was still in the stage of "middle study" for the project in Toho sub district. The capacity was estimated 1.2 million tons per year.

"The investment value is about 1 billion dollars," Alwin Syah Loebis noted.

Meanwhile, the head of Pontianak district, Ria Noorsan hoped, the construction of the plant would add the people`s welfare and support the economic growth in the district.

Some of Pontianak district territory share border with Pontianak city, while Toho sub district bordering with Landak district.

The bauxite potential as a raw material for the alumina plant in Pontianak district is expected to reach 60 million tons. PT Aneka Tambang`s target is to mine about one million tonnes of bauxite per year.

As for the CGA Tayan, two power plant will be built with a capacity of 2x12 MW with coal fuel.