Wasington (ANTARA News/AFP) - The US military on Friday said the casualties of an attack this week at a Kabul training center were mostly Air Force officers with long careers in uniform.

The Pentagon released the names and ranks of the eight service members killed Wednesday when an Afghan ex-pilot opened fire after a disagreement.

A civilian contractor, himself reportedly a retired military officer, was also killed in the incident.

The dead included four Air Force majors, a lieutenant colonel, two captains and a master sergeant.

Among the dead were Major Philip Ambard, 44, a language professor at the Air Force Academy; Major David Brodeur, 34, an F-16 pilot; Major Jeffrey Ausborn, 41, of the 99th Flying Training Squadron in Texas; and Major Raymond Estelle, 40, who served 20 years in the Air Force, according to the Stars and Stripes newspaper.

The other casualties were Lieutenant Colonel Frank Bryant, 37; Captain Nathan Nylander, 35; Captain Charles Ransom, 31; and Master Sergeant Tara Brown, 33.

The attack was the worst in years for the US military in Afghanistan and marked the highest number of foreign forces killed in a single incident since September, when nine coalition troops died in a helicopter crash.

Wednesday`s incident was unusual, as it occurred in a heavily secured area at the airport and involved senior Air Force officers who are not customarily in the line of fire. (*)

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