PLN to complete Miangas PLTS in August 2011

Manado (ANTARA News) - State power company PT PLN planned to complete the construction of the solar power plant (PLTS) on Miangas island, North Sulawesi, bordering with the Philippines in August 2011.

"The PLTS will have a capacity of 85 peak kilowatts in Miangas," General Manager of PLN for North Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi and Gorontalo (Suluttenggo) Wirabumi Kaluti said here Sunday.

Wirabumi said the PLTS under construction in Miangas has a battery capacity of 300 kilowatts hour (KWh) or up to 85 KWp.

"The PLTS in Miangas is part of the development of electricity in 16 islands in North Sulawesi to meet the power needs of people in the remote areas," Wirabumi said.

Three solar power plants current under construction, besides the one in Miangas, Wirabumi said, are also on Marampit island with a capacity of 125 KWp, and on Makalehi island 260 KWp.

"These island had been served by only by diesel power plants (PLTD), and the people therefore were unable to enjoy power optimally," Wirabumi.

One such PLTS which had already been completed by PLN and people living in Bunaken island are now enjoying the power.

"The power produced by the PLTS on Bunaken island is currently enjoyed by 680 subscribers," Wirabumi said.

The PLTS on Bunaken island has a battery capacity of 335 KWp, and a battery capacity of 900 KWh, is now being used by the people starting in January 2011.

The people in the Bunaken Sea National Park were previously using a PLTD with a capacity of 5 KWh operating only 12 hours from 6 pm to 6 am. (*)