"It is certainly still under investigation."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesia State Intelligence Agency (BIN) said it had so far seen no indications of reprisals to be carried out by radical groups in the country in connection with the death of Osama bin Laden.

Indonesia however remains alert because several terrorist actions that have happened in the country so far were connected with Al Qaeda, BIN chief Sutanto said here on Wednesday.

"Certainly we will be alert because we saw that the past incidents had to do with Al Qaeda. There must be alertness because it has links here," he said.

Until now, Sutanto said, no confirmation had been made with regard to the connection between the presence of Indonesian terrorist suspect Umar Patek in Pakistan, who was recently arrested there, and Osama bin Laden recently killed by US troops in that country.

"It is certainly still under investigation," he said.

Sutanto said Umar Patek is now still in Pakistan and further talks are still being made with the Pakistani authorities with regard to his deportation to Indonesia.

He said the legal process of Umar Patek believed to be responsible for the Bali bombings should be done in Indonesia because the incident happened in Indonesia.

"Certainly it has to be in Indonesia because the incident happened in Indonesia. Although he was also involved in an incident in the Philippines the priority should be for Indonesia," he said.



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