Batam, Riau Islands (ANTARA News) - Batam city in Riau Islands, Sumatra, will be declared a batik cloth trading center for the ASEAN region in an exhibition and Batik production training center by the end of December 2011, a trade official said.

"Batam has been chosen to become a batik trading center for ASEAN member countries due to its strategic location for small and medium scale businesses to develop batik cloth," said Nada Faza Soraya, chairperson of the local chamber of commerce and industry (KADIN) said here on Sunday.

In addition to market Indonesian batiks, Batam also becomes a trading center for various cloths produced by other ASEAN member states.

Enjoying a status of batik cloth trading center for the ASEAN region, Batam is also expected to develop the batik industry and try to market Indonesian batik cloth to ASEAN countries, Nada Faza Soraya said.

In connection with Batam`s status as ASEAN batik trading center, the local KADIN office in cooperation with several batik foundations will hold a batik training and publishing program, the official said.

Soraya said further that a batik training program is needed in efforts of making the people to become more familiar with Indonesian batik which is already recognized worldwide.

"The people should know the different Indonesian batik cloths especially after becoming a `world herritage`" Nada noted.

According to her, every detail of batik has a life value that should be maintained and taught to children and grandchildren.

The color and batik pattern also reflect the regions in Indonesia, because each region has a specific type of batik, Nada added.(*)
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