Damascus (ANTARA News/SANA) - `Syria is being exposed to a foreign conspiracy, in which some Arab mass media have played a role through deliberate incitement and bias,` said Ghassan Bin Jeddo, the veteran Arab journalist who resigned from Al-Jazeera Satellite TV in protest against its unbalanced media coverage.

Bin Jeddo added, in an interview with the Syrian Al-Dunia Satellite TV, that the aim of the said failing conspiracy was to dismember Syria, weaken its national project and distance it from resistance forces in the region.

The veteran journalist held the so-called opposition in Syria and those who support them responsible for the spilled Syrian blood, asserting that real opposition should never use weapons and violence against the citizens.

Bin Jeddo highly appreciated President Bashar al-Assad`s ongoing reforms which disappointed the conspirators who wanted to interfere in Syria`s internal affairs.

Bin Jeddo asserted that his relation with Al-Jazeera is finished because he reached to the point that he couldn`t find himself neither morally, politically nor professionally, asserting that some Satellite TV Channels committed mistakes against Syria not by coincidence, but rather were based on real political decisions to target and harm Syria.

The Veteran Arab Journalist blasted the strategies adopted by some Satellite TV Channels when, for example, quoted eye-witnesses who weren`t present in Syria to eyewitness for the events and who resorted to fabrications and lies.(*)B005/O001

Editor: Jafar M Sidik
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