Ambon, Maluku (ANTARA News) - Indonesia may still have to overcome some hurdles before it can elect a new chief for its football association.

The chief of the Muluku provincial PSSI chapter, Dirk Soplanit, said to ANTARA here on Friday, Maluku would not change its stand and would continue to support George Toisutta to become the new chief of the All Indonesia Football Association in the next congress on June 30.

"We will not change and will continue to support George Toisutta as the Group 78 has so far also been fighting for it," he said.

Dirk admitted a representative of Group 78 was still trying to meet FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke to ask about FIFA`s reasons for not accepting George Toisutta and Arifin Panigoro as candidates for the PSSI chief`s post.

"Hopefully the envoy can meet with the FIFA secretary general and if necessary with FIFA chief (Sepp Blatter) and they would tell the reasons for the Normalization Commission to reject Toisutta and Panigoro," he said.

Dirk said the explanation of the FIFA secretary general and chief would settle doubt about the performance of the Normalization Commission that had also met with Sepp Blatter over the issue.

"We have been monitoring that the Normalization Commission envoys would arrive here on Friday so that the results of their mission could be matched with those of Group 78," he said.

FIFA has set up the Normalization Commission to hold the congress to elect new PSSI leadership following a crisis in the organization.

Maluku in the last PSSI congress on May 20, 2011 sent two representatives out of 100. "I was representing the provincial PSSI chapter while the other one was from Nusa Ina Club. We both proposed George Toisutta to become the new PSSI chief," he said.

George Toisutta will continue to run for PSSI leadership with the support of Group 78 who have rights to choose PSSI leadership.

George Toisutta who is currently an army`s chief of staff has said that no one has ever asked him to withdraw including the minister of youth and sports.

"I will continue to run. Ever onward no retreat," he said.

Normalization Commission spokesman Azhari Nasution meanwhile said Commission chairman Agum Gumelar and member Joko Driyono had met with FIFA leadership on May 30 and are scheduled to arrive home on Friday.

He said Agum Gumelar had told him that FIFA was serious that it would give a sanction to Indonesia if it fails to elect new PSSI chairmanship by July 1, 2011.

"FIFA has also deplored the incident in the congress on May 20, which was triggered by voters` behavior," he said quoting Agum in a recent communication with him.

Ashari said FIFA`s seriousness to give a sanction to Indonesia was put in a letter signed by Jerome Valcke.

"Therefore, Agum Gumelar expressed the hope that the next congress could run smoothly. Because if FIFA finally gives a sanction all rights held by PSSI would be gone such as an Indonesian team (including from clubs) would not be able to participate in the prequalification round of the World Cup or SEA Games. PSSI will also not receive a subsidy from FIFA and AFC for football development," he said.(*)


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