Semarang, C Java (ANTARA News) - Seven more men involved in last February`s Temanggung sectarian riots were sentenced to five months in jail minus time spent in preventive detention by the Semarang District Court here Tuesday.

The seven were part of a total of 25 people who were tried for their roles in a destructive rampage to protest a court verdict on a man accused of religious blasphemy that they considered to be too lenient.

The chief judge in Tuesday`s court session, Sugeng Hiyanto, in reading out the verdict, said the five defendants had been found guilty of violating Article 170 of the Criminal Code on willful destruction of public property.

Their names were Sukeni, Nur Hamid, Suranto, Ngahatun, Muhasim, Parten, and Nuraeni.

The court verdict was three months lighter than the sentence demanded by the prosecution.

Earlier, on Thursday (June 9), the same court had also meted out 5-month jail terms minus time in preventive custody to 16 other Temanggung riot defendants. They were Ahmad Faro`i, Agus Prihanto, Aziz Zaenal Arifin, Muhammad Syaiful Mujab, Abdul Kholik, Tarmudi, Muhaya, Muslih, Pariyo, Sofyanto, Nur Chotib, Lutfi Hakim Aziz, Bambang Waluyo, Anas Tahir, Samsudin, and Ihwan.

One defendant, Suprihanto, was given a lighter sentence - four months in jail minus time in preventive detention.

Another man, Syihabudin, who was believed to have stoked the riots, was sentenced to one year in jail by a jury led by Judge Edy Tjahjono.

The Temanggung riots occurred on February 8, 2011 after the city`s district court had given a five-year prison sentence to Antonius Richmond Bawengan for blaspheming a certain religion. The rioters considered Antonius`s penalty to be too light.

In the unrest, a few church buildings, a Christian school complex and a number of motor vehicles were heavily damaged.


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