Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Police has said that Bagus Kurniawan (26), a terror suspect from Solo, Central Java, died of illness while being jailed in the Police's Mobile Brigade detention center in Cikeas, West Java.

"Based on a medical diagnosis, the patient, who died, had suffered from prolonged fever, plus sepsis suspected infection, meningitis plus pleural effusion. The hospital recommended an autopsy to find out the definite cause of his death," Chief of the National Police's Public Information Bureau Brigadier General Awi Setiyono said in a statement here on Saturday evening.

Bagus Kurniawan passed away on Tuesday (June 2) at R Said Sukanto Police Hospital located in Kramat Jati, East Jakarta.

The terror suspect had complained of having fever, nausea and vomiting on Monday (June 1) at around 10:21 a.m. local time.

He was immediately given first aid by a medical team and later transferred to the police hospital.

Upon his arrival at the hospital, the detainee was taken to the emergency room to be given intensive medical treatment. However, on Tuesday (June 2) , at around noon, he died.

His body was brought home by his family on Thursday (June 4). The family had signed a letter refusing an autopsy for Bagus Kurniawan's body as there were no signs of violence in his body. The family later buried him in Sukoharjo, Central Java.

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Bagus Kurniawan had been detained at the Police's Mobile Brigade (Brimob) prison in Cikeas, since November 27, 2019.

He had been arrested for alleged involvement in a terrorism case on June 3, 2019. The documents for his trial were being processed by prosecutors and expected to be ready on June 12, 2020.

Bagus Kurniawan was known to have a passion for terrorism since 2014. At that time, he had already been interested in the ISIS group he had known on Facebook, according to the police's statement.

In 2015, Bagus had joined one of the terror groups planning to attack the police station or police personnel in Solo.

Before carrying out attacks, they had first attended a physical training including how to shoot.

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