Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Police's Counterterrorism Squad (Densus 88) arrested four terror suspects and shot dead one for resisting arrest in Batang District, Central Java, on Wednesday (Mar 25).

"It is true that the Densus 88 team of the Batang Police arrested five people," Batang Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Abdul Waras confirmed here on Thursday.

Of the five people arrested, one was shot dead since he had used a long machete to attack officers.

"Of the five people arrested, stern action was taken against one (terror suspect) that resulted in his death since the person had attempted to evade arrest," he revealed.

Waras noted that the five terror suspects belonged to a terrorist network, and the materials used to assemble bombs were retrieved during police raids.

Brigadier General Raden Prabowo Argo Yuwono, spokesman of the National Police, had earlier confirmed the information on Densus 88 having successfully neutralized a terror suspect, identified by his initials as Mt, in Subah Sub-district, Batang District, Central Java, on Wednesday (Mar 25) afternoon.

"Yes, Densus 88 had conducted activities in Batang, Central Java," Yuwono remarked.

The squad also arrested Sw and Ry, both relatives of Mt.

After the arrests were made following the search, Yuwono stated that Densus 88 had taken the suspected terrorists for questioning.

Mt's body was taken to the Bhayangkara Hospital in Semarang, Central Java, for an autopsy. Related news: BNPT urges regions to divert greater attention to terrorism
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Translator: Anita P Dewi, Fardah
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