Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Eight non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have urged President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to immediately issue a decree on the tenure of the chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

The NGOs grouped in the Coalition of Judiciary Monitors said in a press statement received here on Monday, President Yudhoyono should immediately issue the decree to prolong the tenure of KPK chief Busyro Muqqodas from presently one to four years or from 2010 to 2014.

They said the presidential decree was needed to ensure the continuity of the rule of law and constitution in the country following the ruling of the Constitutional Court (MK) recently that Busyro should continue to lead the KPK over the next four years.

They said the present presidential decree on the appointment of Busyor as a KPK commissioner was against the Constitutional Court`s interpretation of Article 34 of the Law on KPK that a KPK commissioner nominated together with others or as a replacement holds the post for four years.

Several members of the House of Representatives (DPR) however had argued that the MK`s ruling was applicable to future nominations and not to Busryo.

The NGOs said the DPR had no authority to interpret the term of office of KPK commissioners and its authority is only for the election of candidates submitted by the President.

In view of that the NGOs criticized the DPR for insisting on asking for 10 candidates for KPK leadership to the Selection Committee for a fit and proper test defying the MK`s ruling.

The eight NGOs urging the Presidential decree include the Indonesia Legal Round-table (ILR), the Consortium of National Law Reform (KRHN), the Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW), the Institute for Judiciary Independence Study and Advocacy (LeIP), the Judiciary Monitors Community (MaPPI), the Center of Indonesia Law and Policy Study (PSHK), the Indonesia Transparency International (IT), and the Foundation of Indonesia Legal Aid Institutes (YLBHI).

As has been reported the State Secretariat is currently preparing a draft presidential decree for the extension of Busyro`s term of office.

Presidential special staff for legal affairs Denny Indrayana said on Friday (June 24) the draft is being prepared although until now the President has received no letter from MK regarding its ruling on Busyro`s term of office.

Denny said in principles the President understands and would honor and implement the MK`s ruling.

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