in the March 2010 - March 2011 period, the number of poor in urban areas decreased by about 51 thousand while in rural areas it dropped by about 953 thousand.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia recorded the biggest export value in history in May this year, reaching US$18.33 billion, according to the National Statistics Agency (BPS).

"Exports in May 2011 which were valued at US$18.33 billion is the highest so far," BPS chief Rusman Heriawan said here on Friday.

He said the value was higher than the December 2010`s record of US$16.83 billion.

Compared to the value of exports in May 2010 the value of exports in May 2011 rose by 38.76 percent, he said.

Total export value from January to May 2011 reached US$80.82 billion or rose by 33.37 percent compared to the same period last year.

Exports of non-oil/gas meanwhile reached US$64.25 billion or rose by 31.31 percent.

The biggest hike in the non-oil/gas exports in May 2011 was recorded in the exports of fat and vegetable/animal oil reaching US$ 665.8 million, while the steepest drop was suffered by rubber and rubber products recorded at US$87.2 million.

Indonesia`s non-oil/gas exports to China in May 2011 were also reported to be the largest reaching US$1.81 billion, followed by exports to Japan at US$1.53 billion and the US at 1.32 billion with contribution from the three reaching 32.75 percent while exports to the European Union (27 countries) reached US$2.02 billion.

Sectorally, exports of industrial products in the period from January to May 2011 rose by 36.28 percent compared to that of 2010. Exports of agricultural products also rose 21.27 percent.

"Our industrial exports are rising," he said.

Based on provinces of export origin Indonesia`s biggest exports from January to March 2011 were from East Kalimantan worth US$7.32 billion (16.13 percent), West Java worth US$6.37 billion (14.04 percent) and East Java worth US$4.45 billion (9.18 percent).(*)

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