Jakarta, July 6, 2011 (ANTARA) - Indonesia and Korea agree to increase partnership in marine and fisheries sector which they have good relationship for this time. After the signing of Letter of Intent (LOI), today (5/7) in Jakarta, the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Republic of Indonesia, Fadel Muhammad stated, this signing of agreement of marine and fisheries partnership refers to the declaration that has been agreed by both countries as a Strategic Partnership to support the Relationship and Cooperation in 21st century which was signed on last December 2006. "The signing today is the increasing from agreement in last 2006 affirms the significant role and contribution to share technical knowledge and experience of marine and fisheries." said Fadel.

Besides Fadel, the partnership which is signed by Secretary General of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP), Gellwynn Jusuf with the President of Korea Maritime Institute (KMI), Hak So Kim, also witnessed by Chairman of Land, Transportation, and Marine Affairs Comission of the Korean House of Representatives, Kwang Keun Chang. For about 30 members of delegation from Korean government institutions and representative of Korean organizations in Jakarta also attend the signing event.

"Through this signing, KKP and KMI will be looking for the opportunity to increase partnership in scientific and marine and fisheries research, development and enhancement the capacity of marine technology, marine resources for alternative energy, sustainable and integrated management of marine ecosystem and coastal, fisheries biological resources conservation, the establishment of marine policy study centre, including marine and fisheries,"explained Fadel. According to him, these opportunities will be achieved by training, workshop and increasing of other building capacity, such as research and joint development, exchange of experts, information, and related data. For the implementation of this agreement, KKP and KMI will appoint each vocal point to discuss more about operational stride.

After the signing of LoI, KKP and KMI also will held the 1st International Indonesia and Korea Ocean and Fisheries Forum (The 1st IKOFF) on July 6 2011 in Jakarta. The IKOFF will be filled with the explanation from leading experts and practitioner in marine, maritime, and fisheries from Indonesia and Korea with three sub-themes, which are sustainable preservation and development of marine and coastal; new source of technology and creative activities of marine.

For further information, please contact Dr. Yulistyo Mudho, M.Sc, Head of Data, Statistics and Information Center, the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (Mobile: 0811836967)

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