Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian and Singaporean navies are conducting a joint civic mission in Tanjung Piayu, Sie Beduk, Batam.

The activity , opened by the chief of the Sea Security Task Force of the Western Fleet Command, Rear Admiral D.A. Mamahit. on Monday, is part of the routine joint exercise of the two countries` navies involving medical personnel and paramedics.

The activity, codenamed "Indonesia Singapore Bhakti Sosial" (ISBS) 2011 was led by the task force`s chief, Col Iwan Isnurwanto who is also chief of the Batam naval base.

"It will last from July 18 to July 20," Mamahit said.

He said the ISBS program is the follow up of the Indonesia-Singapore coordinated patrol activities (Patkor Indosin) of the two countries` navies.

"The joint exercise in the sea is carried out on the sea border between Indonesia and Singapore while the activity on the land is done through community service," he said.

The community service includes general medical and dental services and provision of school supplies for several schools and a number of computers and 100 life jackets.

To support of the activity, the Republic of Singapore`s Navy sent its RSS Independence-87 and 16 medical personnel and paramedics who would later join with medical personnel and paramedics from the Indonesian navy (TNI AL) and the Batam administration.

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