Papuan teenager mauled by crocodile found decapitated

Sorong, Papua (ANTARA News) - A crocodile mauled a Papuan teenager while fishing with two friends at Salafem River, North Misol Raja Ampat, last weekend and his body was found badly decapitated.

The body of the 14 years old boy Anry Rumfable was found headless, handless and feetless.

According to victim`s friends and witness, Steven and Melki, that they were fishing some 500 meters away of their village on a small boat.

After about 200 meters of pedaling, a crocodile suddenly appeared and snatched Hanry with its strong jaws and dragged him into the five meters deep river, both witness said.

"I saw when he was being pulled by the crocodile off the boat and dragged into the water," said 15 years old Melky who was on board the small fishing boat and tried to save Hanry by grabbing his T-shirt but of no avail.

Melky admitted that he was still in a shock after witnessing the bloody tragedy of his ill-fated friend, he was even afraid to return home to inform Hanry`s parents about what had happened.

Along with the local residents and military personnel, they conducted a search for Hanry`s body shortly after the incident is reported, but didn`t found anything until midnight.

Hanry`s body was found by Dominggus the next morning, tucked between mangrove trees.

According to North Misol district military officer, Sergeant Major Anwar Lessy that Hanry`s body was taken to Sorong to be buried but his family refused an autopsy on their one and only son.

Rivers in Papua is known to be the habitat of crocodiles, there are many cases of residents being attacked during their daily activities such as fishing.