Manado, North Sulawesi (ANTARA News) - North Sulawesi`s Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) has announced that the danger zone around Mount Lokon still covers a radius of 2.5 kilometers.

"Up till today, Mount Lokon`s danger zone is still a radius of 2.5 kilometers although the mountain erupted again on Wednesday (Aug 17)," the agency`s head, Hoyke Makarawung, said here Thursday.

He said the recent Mount Lokon eruption did not threaten the local people`s safety nor did it disrupt their daily activities as there was heavy rain and foggy weather when it happened.

"The volcanic dust landed not far from the crater, and even the remaining dust has been washed away by the heavy rain," he said.

But Makarawung also said local residents should remain vigilant, especially because Mount Lokon`s activity was still high. An eruption could occur any time.

"Vigilance must be increased. We also expect local wisdom could help local governments in communicating to minimize the disaster impact to the people," he said

The local government also needed the local citizens' supports to be relocated at any time, and will do every possible thing to minimize the disaster impact.

"Such goal can only be achieved if people can cooperate with the government, resident evacuation must be done in critical moments during disaster," said Makarawung.

Makaruwung also warned residents not to enter the 2.5 kilometers radius including climbing to mount Lokon`s crater and summit.

"We hope people can understand the situation for any uncertain event to occur. Earlier Mount Lokon`s status proposed to be lowered to `Alert` but the mount`s activity is still high," he said.

Coordination will continue with the National Disaster Management Agency and the Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation.

Editor: Ruslan Burhani
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