RI, India hold joint patrol in Malacca strait

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia and India have started a coordinated patrol in the Malacca Strait.

Fleet Command Unit for the Western Region (Dansatran Koarmabar) Leut Col Heribertus Yudho Warsono as the 18th India-Indonesia Coordinated Patrol Task Force (Patkor Indindo) 2011, has received representatives of the Indian Navy in Belawan, North Sumatera, Monday.

The visit of the Indian Navy Ship (INS) Mahish L 15 and INS Bangaram T 65, under the command of Yasho Vijay Joshi marked the coordinated patrol.

Head of Dansatran Koarmabar Lt Col H Yudho Warsono said Indonesia and India have a long history of good neighborly relationship.

"The navies of the two countries have a joint sea security responsibility especially in the international waters of the Malacca Strait," he said.

Yudho said the coordinated patrol of the Indonesian and Indian navies is expected to free the Malacca Strait from sea security threats such as piracy, smuggling, illegal logging, and pollution". The 18th coordinated patrol of the Indonesian and Indian navies (Indindo) 2011 will last 30 days, and will be concluded at Port Blair in India.

In the operations, the Indonesian navy involved KRI Silas Papare-386 and maritime patrol aircraft P-850.(*)