Gas supply shortages hamper ceramics industry`s productivity

Surabaya, E Java (ANTARA News) - Gas supply shortages in Indonesia have been hampering production activities at five ceramics factories in the country in 2011, a spokesman for the industry said.

"In East Java two ceramics factories (suffered gas gas supply shortages), namely Superpower International Ceramics belonging to a Taiwanese investor in Gresik and Matahari Ceramics belonging to a national investor in Margoulyo," Achmad Widjaya, chairman of the Indonesian Ceramics Industry Association said here on Thursday.

He said that three other ceramics industries were located outside East Java, namely in Cirebon (West Java), Tengerang (Banten) and Karawang (West Java).

Achmad said that up to now the number of operating ceramics factories was recorded at 38 of which 10 were located in East Java.

"These ceramics factories have a production capacity of 250 million square meters per annum," he said.

Head of East Java`s Industry and Trade Service Budi Setyawan expressed his concern that the shortage of gas supply in East Java would cause the production of local ceramics to stagnate.

"We have asked the central government to give priority to East Java because East Java has been named as a cluster of gas/oil and condensate," he said.